Black and White Landscape Prints


John Searing, creator of sand hopper gallery, contacted me about having a series of black and white landscape photo prints made. He’d had issues with previous printers not being able to get the tonal range right on his images. Also getting true neutral black and white photo prints had been a problem.

With the HP Z3100 printer, making his prints was easy to. John’s work can been seen at his website sand hopper gallery

Photo Panorama from Multi-Negative Scans


Alf came to see me about having a proper panoramic photo made of the view from his house. Situated in Ngunguru, Northland, New Zealand, Alf had taken a series of photos and taken the best of them and hand joined them togther. With mismatching colours, large tape joins and generally looking a mess, Alf wanted a nice large clean panorama photo print.

Alf had taken his photos with a film camera, and still had the negatives. Using my wonderful Nikon 9000 slide and negative scanner, I was able to produce large detailed images, and join them together to produce an 820mm wide print. The difference between the before and after prints was night and day. Colours were better and all the marks in the sky had been removed. Alf was thrilled with the end result.

Scan & Prints of Whangarei Hospital Architect Sketches


Ann came to see me about having three old architect conceptual sketches copied and printed. They were old sketches made of the old Whangarei Hospital and newer base hospital. They had been laminated over, were looking tatty, with rips and tears.

The images measured over 600mm wide. They were scanned, restored and printed onto my matt art paper. The images came out looking colourful and vibrant. Ann was very pleased with the final prints.

Copying and printing and old subdivision plan


Margaret contacted me about having this old land subdivision advertisement copied. Dating back to 1921, Gulf of Vincent, Adelaide Australia, 9279 acres of the Yararoo Station was being sold off. This print had been mounted and framed in it’s original condition. Margaret wanted it copied and 4 copies made. She wanted the original look retained – with all the old tears and marks.

Measuring 95 x 60cm, the print was scanned in portions then carefully joined together. All copies were made to the same size. Margaret will be sending one copy to one of the descendents of the original owner.

Whananaki Estuary Canvas Panorama Print


I created this canvas panorama print of the Whananaki Estuary and surrounds for some locals whom have a love for the area. Situated 40 minutes drive North East of Whangarei, Northland, New Zealand, Whananaki is a great place to stay for holidays, fishing, sailing, swimming and general relaxing lifestyle. This photo was taken just after new years 2010 and shows the area suffering from the onset of drought conditions.

I shot this panorama overlooking Whananaki with my 70-200mm zoom lense. Comprising 20 photos stitched together, a huge amount of detail is visible in the photo. This originally equated to a 100 megapixel equivalent image. The photo was put onto a 1600mm wide x 260mm mounted canvas. The photo itself measures 1500mm x 145mm. The photo inset shows the sort of detail present in the image.

This canvas print is available for sale to anyone with a passion for Whananaki for scenic panorama prints.

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Photo Restoration Pioneer Family Photo


Dorothy called in to see me about having this old pioneer photo restored to its former glory. Taken in 1906 it celebrated 50 years of settlement in New Zealand. The title says “May Grace & Blessing Dear Crown this Day our Jubilee Year 1856 – 1906” It was a large 16 x 20 inch photo, which I reproduced and printed to that size as well as making small 8 x 10 prints.

Link to Restoration Page

Fixing and Enlarging Photo Print

Jo Walker came to see me about having this 70s photo scanned, enhanced and then enlarged. Her mother, seen bottom left holding the boy, has fading eyesight, and Jo wanted to know if I was able to make it bigger. I said no problem, the original photo was clear enough to enlarge.

Jo provided me with a new picture frame, allowing me to enlarge the photo to the correct dimensions. The photo was scanned, marks and redeye removed, colours enhanceed then printed to a 16 x 22 inch size, with excellent clarity. When Jo saw the final print mounted she was overjoyed with what she sure. I was going to make her mother very happy!

Print Specials for October

New specials this month. These being the most popular sizes, I’m doing 20% off A4, A3, A2, and A1 mounted canvas prints. Also 20% off 30cm x 100cm Mounted Canvas Panoramas. In the photo print section you’ll get 20% off 8 x 10, A4, A3 and 16 x 20 Prints. Runs for all of October. Applies retail sales only.