Painting of Robinton Island – Richard Robinson


Artist Richard Robinson brought in this marvelous painting of Robinton Island, Bay Of Islands, New Zealand, to be copied and reproduced. Measuring over 1500mm x 1000mm this would be a challenge to copy. I photographed the image in 16 sections, stitched them together then colour proofed the image before making a full size canvas replica print. Richard was thrilled with the results.

More of Richard’s work can be found here:

World War II Navy Photos

HMS Naid 1940 Newcastle on Tyne

HMS Naid anchored in New Castle on Tyne 1940

Near miss on HMS Naid in the Mediterranean Sea

Near miss on HMS Naid, Mediterranean Sea

Hit on After Magazines

Salvo from HMS York hits the after magazines on an Italian Destroyer

Another Job Done

Another Job Done.

Captured Luftwaffe Pilot

Captured Luftwaffe Pilot

Destruction of German wireless station

Destruction of German wireless station, Jan Mayen Island Nov 15, 1940

These are photos taken by George Darvill whom served in the Royal Marines in the British Navy during World War II. His son Eddie with the help of his daughter, contacted me to scan the images. They were scanned at a high resolution so every detail can be seen in each photo.

It just goes to show the sacrifices made during war, so we can live the way we do today.

Building a car from scratch – the old school way


Building a car from scratch by hand – old school

John brought these old photos in to be enhanced and enlarged. It shows his father sitting in his home built car. Built from scratch in the 1930s, England, using only hand tools, John’s father made this little sports car. It just goes to show what you can make with skill & patience.

John thinks the car was later on sold and used for racing events. It’s whereabouts today is unknown.

Philip Kilmour – Artist – Whangaroa Boatshed

canvas reproduction philip kilmour whangaroa boatshed.jpg

Re-known painter Philip Kilmour contacted me about reproducing his latest painting ‘Whangaroa Boatshed’ to put onto canvas for limited edition prints.

Philip is a contemporary realist painter. The original painting measured 1015mm x 840mm. It was meticulously copied in detail, proofed and printed onto canvas. The final reproduction (limited to 75) will measure 24 x 30inches.

Philip’s works and background can be found on his website¬†here

Railway at Oakleigh, Northland

Photo Restoration - Train Oakleigh

Graeme Byles from Oakleigh, south of Whangarei, NZ, dropped in to have this photo tidied up and re-printed. It shows a train running where State Highway 1 is now located, south of the Caltex Service Station at Oakleigh. Graeme thinks this was taken around 1925 and the railway line was supposed to run to Waipu. But the officials decided to tear it up and build a road instead.

Is your faded photo beyond help? Maybe not!


This faded photo looked beyond repair...

Jone contacted me about repairing a couple of old photos that had faded away to virtually nothing. He’d been to a shop to see about fixing them- it was beyond their skills so they sent him to me.

With age the photo had lost virtually all its detail and colour. However I was able to bring a resaonable amount of detail to turn it into a black and white photo. Even though it’s still not perfect, Jone was more than happy with the end result.

Slide Scanning On The Nikon 9000

slide-scanning kodachrome
Sue contacted me about scanning just under 400 Kodachrome slides to be put onto DVD. Each slide was scanned at 2000ppi (The scanner is capable of doing up to 4000ppi) with minor marks and scratches removed and manual colour and light enhancements. The top photo is from a trip to Greece in 1975 and the lower a trip to Scilly Isles, off Cornwall, England.