Building a car from scratch – the old school way


Building a car from scratch by hand – old school

John brought these old photos in to be enhanced and enlarged. It shows his father sitting in his home built car. Built from scratch in the 1930s, England, using only hand tools, John’s father made this little sports car. It just goes to show what you can make with skill & patience.

John thinks the car was later on sold and used for racing events. It’s whereabouts today is unknown.

Robyn came to see me about restoring an old faded aerial photo of their old farm property. Where their farm was is now a large real estate development in Maunu.

Robyn had a modern aerial photo of the land and wanted the old one bought up to scratch. I suggested to Robyn, first if she was able to locate the photographers that took it they may have the original negative and get a copy.
Robyn was able to track the image down to Aerial Surveys, previously called Geosmart. They sold her a high quality scan, whereupon Robyn came back to see me to get it printed. It looked like new and was a very close match to the new photo – apart from all the houses!

Aerial Surveys can be found at Aerial Surveys

Scanning Photo Print – Pet Lamb

Christine called in with this photo of a pet lamb her son had quite a few years ago. Christine had been to a local shop to get it scanned then enlarged and printed. While it didn’t cost very much at all, the shop cropped off most of the hat! The print was also fuzzy and had a blue tinge to it. Christine was not impressed.

Christine contacted me, showed me the offending reprint and hoped I could help – most definitely! I was able to scan it, enlarge it, make it purely black and white and make it look sharper.

Photo Print Enlargement – Hitachi EX3600-6 Digger & Scania R620 Truck

Eric Hoyle, operations manager for Cable Price NZ Ltd, Whangarei, sent me this photo of this large digger and truck. The digger is a Hitachi EX3600-6, the truck a Scania R620. The digger weighs 369 tonnes empty and makes the truck look like a toy.

This photo was taken by one of Cable Price’s sales rep at the MaCraes Gold Mine north of Dunedin. Eric wanted four large sized prints made (840 x 580mm). The original photo was angled, so I straightened it and filled in any missing pieces on the edges. The photo prints looked stunning.

Restoring Old Panorama Photo

Shirley contacted me about have this old panorama photo fixed. It was three photos hand joined together looking over her farm near Hikurangi, Northland. The photo was suffering from some colour shift as well.

Shirley wanted the joins removed and the print doubled in length and size. The photo was scanned in, all the joins meticulously removed and the colours bought back to normal.

Photo Restoration link

Whangarei Highschool Pupils Photos Restored


This project completed for the Whangarei Boys’ High School Old Boys Association. These photos were taken back in the early 1930s when Whangarei Girls and Boys High School pupils attended the same school.

The photos were scanned, restored and printed. The photos are so detailed individual faces could be made out. Being an old boy myself, I donated the labour and prints for free. Anyone interested in joining the association can contact Greg Weaver, Ph 09 4700196, email

Restoring Damaged Aerial Photo


Dorothy dropped off this aerial farm photo in severe need of photo repair. The top part of the photo had a liquid spilled over it giving this red stained look. I was able to remove all the marks and enhance the colour. The original photo was 5 x 7 inch in size, but was enlarged to A3 size without losing any detail.

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