Restoration of old Family Negatives

Bev from Nelson contacted me about getting some images repaired from old negatives. The negatives had been stuck together and when pulled apart Bev discovered the tears.

She got me to scan the images (5 negatives) and chose three to be repaired. This one was taken in 1969 in a small town in the South Island, the two little boys were 12 months and 2 years three months. I removed all the marks, making them look great again.

Bev remarked:”A pleasant surprise awaited me on my arrival home yesterday, after a busy day I found the photos in my letter box. Thank you so much, a very pleasing outcome for me.”

Slide Scan – Avro Vulcan Bomber XH498

John heard about the great work I did with scanning photos and slides. This is a particulary interesting slide scan. Bomber XH498 was about to land at Rongotai Airport airshow, Wellington 1959. It  came in too heavily and damaged it’s left wing and undercarriage.

John caught the image on camera. Here we can see the damaged undercarriage and fuel pluming out of a hole in the wing. The plane landed safely at Ohakea air base and was eventually repaired.

The slide was scanned at 4000dpi, to bring out all the detail of the plane and damage.

Photo Panorama from Multi-Negative Scans


Alf came to see me about having a proper panoramic photo made of the view from his house. Situated in Ngunguru, Northland, New Zealand, Alf had taken a series of photos and taken the best of them and hand joined them togther. With mismatching colours, large tape joins and generally looking a mess, Alf wanted a nice large clean panorama photo print.

Alf had taken his photos with a film camera, and still had the negatives. Using my wonderful Nikon 9000 slide and negative scanner, I was able to produce large detailed images, and join them together to produce an 820mm wide print. The difference between the before and after prints was night and day. Colours were better and all the marks in the sky had been removed. Alf was thrilled with the end result.

Scanned Slides Motutapu Island 1950s


John sent me a series of slides of Motutapu Island off the Auckland coast to be scanned and copied. They were taken in the 1950s by school teacher Ray Coates. The pictures are of a top dresser loading up for fertiliser, the island wharf, and the then just completed island school classroom.

John says today the island is poised to become the largest island recreation park in New Zealand, throuh the efforts of thousands of volunteers who are revegetating the island to provide habitats for endangered species.

All the slides scanned will be used on a website about the island.

Canvas Photo Printing: Glass Slide Scans Put onto Canvas

Brent came to see me about making a great 6oth birthday – glass slide scans put onto a mounted canvas. Brent’s father had been to see me about 2 years ago wanting some old glass slides scanned and put onto CD. They were old glass slide adverts used at the Thames cinema back in the 1920’s. Brent’s great grandfather ran a very succesful plumbing business advertising all sorts of supplies – paints, timber, stoves, plumbing fittings and more.

Brent wanted six slides made into a square then printed onto canvas and mounted. We chose the ones he wanted and it which order whereupon I resized them, did the canvas print then mounted it. All done in less than 48 hours as Brent had forgotten and only just remembered!

Brent was over the moon about the final print and now has ideas of having tea-shirts made commemorating the adverts.

Canvas Print – Triptych Tramping Image Abel Tasman Track

Photo-onto-canvas-print-tryptych-tramping-abel Tasman Track

Ellen from Tauranga emailed me enquiring about having a canvas print made from the scan of a 35mm negative. I told Ellen this wouldn’t be a problem, I’d be happy to help her. Ellen mailed the negative along with instructions where the canvas should be divided into.

It was a photo they’d taken while walking the Abel Tasman Track, South Island, New Zealand, and was around 6am while they were crossing the Awaroa Inlet at low tide.

The canvas was to be divided into a three piece print or triptych as they are known. I made a few tweaks to the image, working out where the divides would be, as shown by the white lines. The image was divided into one 300mm x 400mm centre, and two 200mm x 400mm sides, total width of 700mm. Ellen was thrilled with the final result and emailed back:

“I was looking around for some art work to put on the new office wall. Then decided that maybe one of my snapshots – although only a snapshot – might look just as good as some-one else’s photo and have a bit of meaning – a great summer holiday – our first family tramping experience. You did a great job putting the photo round the edges and making an amateur photo look great. Thank you.”

Scanned Slides from the Vietnam War

Terry Young called to see me about have some slides scanned, printed and copied to disc. They were images he took while serving in the Vietnam war 1968 for the New Zealand Army. Terry was situated at the ANZAC army base in the Phuoc Tuy province. Part of his work detail was serving sentry duty at the New Zealand Embassy in Saigon. A close up shows detail of the car in the background of the image with number plate details
negative slide scanning Vietnam war New Zealand army

Terry was with the 161 Battery Artillery. He’s in the top left image posing on the sandbags, with shots of his mates and military equipment. Another closeup shows the watch on the soldier as they fire a mortar during an exercise. It’s 11.40am, nearly time for lunch!

Giclee Canvas Reproduction – Farm Yard Scene – Cattle & Chickens at Sunset


Bev Taylor called to enquire about having one of his art works printed onto canvas. I told him that I could indeed do it and explained some of the options available- ie just making a giclee canvas reproduction print or having it mounted on a frame as well. Bev liked what he heard so took a one hour drive from Kaiwaka to see me. I showed Bev some of my previous canvas prints and some of the gliclees I had done for other customers.

Bev liked my work so showed me his original painting of this wonderful farm yard scene of cattle and chickens staring at each other. He also had a slide image of the painiting, professionally taken a few years previously. The slide was scanned while Bev was here. We colour corrected the image on the screen until we had it looking as similar as possible to the original. I suggested to Bev I make a small canvas print proof with coating to make sure he liked the final result. I mailed the proof to Bev a few days later, with Bev calling me to say he liked it and go ahead with the final print.

The canvas was printed to be mounted onto a 710mm x 610mm frame. The final image will have a picture frame mounted around it to produce this stunning farm yard scene. Bev picked up the giclee today loving what he saw and has now left another 4 images to be prepared for printing. This image reproduction is for further sale. You can contact me or call Bev Taylor on 09 431 2031

Wedding Photo Printed On Canvas from Negative

wedding photo printed onto canvas

Lynette came to me with this wedding photo to be put onto canvas. It’s a picture of her daughter and new husband. This was originally taken on a film camera – this particular photographer still shooting with film. Using the Nikon 9000 negative/slide scanner, the 35mm negative was scanned at the highest resolution of 4000dpi. The photo was then printed onto my Breathing Color Chromata canvas, coated and gallery wrapped to produce a stunning 760mm x 440mm photo. This image shows the border where the canvas print wraps around the frame.

Lynette called me back to say her daughter loved the canvas print and it’ll take pride of place in her house.

Canvas Print Triptych of Lightning Struck Tree

The Crams came to see me about having a canvas print made of a tree that had been struck by lightning on their farm 15 years ago. They had seen a triptych (pronounced “trip-tick”) of a tree I had done for myself and thought their own one would look great. Triptych canvas prints are divided into three pieces, normally with the centre piece being the bigger of the three and having greater emphasis.

The image was scanned from a 35mm negative using the Nikon 9000 negative and slide scanner. This produced high resolution photo that was then turned to black and white and printed on canvas, then mounted on three frames measuring a total of 900mm x 600mm and producing a stunning image.

Canvas Print Triptych of Tree Struck by Lightning
canvas print black and white triptych