Scanned Slides Motutapu Island 1950s


John sent me a series of slides of Motutapu Island off the Auckland coast to be scanned and copied. They were taken in the 1950s by school teacher Ray Coates. The pictures are of a top dresser loading up for fertiliser, the island wharf, and the then just completed island school classroom.

John says today the island is poised to become the largest island recreation park in New Zealand, throuh the efforts of thousands of volunteers who are revegetating the island to provide habitats for endangered species.

All the slides scanned will be used on a website about the island.

Just arrived – new negative and slide scanner


I just received my new Nikon 9000 ED negative and slide scanner. It can scan 35mm negative, slide and medium format film. My old scanner could only do a reasonable copy of negatives and slides but wasn’t up to doing quality scans.

Having spent a lot of time reading reviews and information on scanners the Nikon 9000 stood out as a great scanner for doing most formats and at a reasonable budget. While film is in decline compared to digital there are photographers whom still shoot with film and there is 150 years worth of film still requiring copying/archiving. Now I won’t be needing to turn away customers with enquiries about film scanning. Preliminary scans show excellent reproduction. I’ll be putting it through its’ paces before adding negative and slide scanning services onto my website.


Anyone with any questions regarding scanning options and costs, feel free to ask them here or please go to my main website for further contact details – Neal.

Updated: The scanner does great output but is not a bulk scanning device, each scan requiring attention to detail and manual input.

Pricing varies from $1.00 (2000dpi) to $2/slide (4000dpi, 19 Megapixel Equivalent) depending on detail of each scan. However, if you’re looking for nice images the Nikon is perfect for the job.

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