Scanning Photo Print – Pet Lamb

Christine called in with this photo of a pet lamb her son had quite a few years ago. Christine had been to a local shop to get it scanned then enlarged and printed. While it didn’t cost very much at all, the shop cropped off most of the hat! The print was also fuzzy and had a blue tinge to it. Christine was not impressed.

Christine contacted me, showed me the offending reprint and hoped I could help – most definitely! I was able to scan it, enlarge it, make it purely black and white and make it look sharper.

World War II Soldier Photo Enhancement


Susan called to see me about having this photo copied and reproduced. It was a photo of her Grandfather, William Boyd, whom served in the Gordon Highlanders (Scotland) during World War II. The photo had suffered from the effects of “silvering out”. This is caused where silver oxides in the photo reach the surface and revert back to silver, hence the silvery reflection.

I was able to remove this effect in the photo, give it a sepia colour then print. Susan otherwise wanted the photo left in original condition with minor marks and scratches.

William Boyd immigrated to New Zealand in 1952, working in the woolen mills of Onehunga. He died 12 years ago aged 91.