Restoring Glass Damaged Photo

Pam contacted me about having this damaged photo brought back to original condition. It’s a photo of her old family homestead situated in Whananaki Northland.

The glass pane covering it had partially stuck to it, with the rest of it having broken off and tearing off portions of the photo.

The photo was scanned complete with broken glass attached, all the marks removed and missing pieces filled in. The photo was enlarged and printed off. Pam was extremely happy with the result.

Photo Restoration Webpage

Restoring Damaged Aerial Photo


Dorothy dropped off this aerial farm photo in severe need of photo repair. The top part of the photo had a liquid spilled over it giving this red stained look. I was able to remove all the marks and enhance the colour. The original photo was 5 x 7 inch in size, but was enlarged to A3 size without losing any detail.

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Restoring Faded Photos

Sharyn contacted me about having 5 faded photos restored. They were recent prints done in the last 10 years of family ancestors. Printed using the Fuji Pictrix printer, many of these types photos have severely faded within a short period of time.

Sharyn thought they were beyond help, but I was able to bring back nearly all the missing details, adding a sepia colour tone to give back that old aged look.
Link To Restoration Webpage

Restoring Old Rugby Photo


Andrew called to see me about having a series of photos restored of his old time relatives from South Africa. This particular photo is of his grandfather’s rugby team taken in the early nineteen hundreds. The image was marked and scratched and looking worse for wear. After some extensive work the picture looked much better.