Canvas Prints – On Safari


Canvas Print of Rhinos 1000mm wide Stunning in Black & White

Robyn Preston, from Bayley’s Beach, Dargaville, called in to see me about making some high quality canvas prints of photos she’d taken on Safari in Africa.

One of her favourites was this one of three Rhinos. Measuring 1000mm x 570mm , the canvas print  produced a stunning black and white print. Robyn was thrilled with this and the other prints done for her. These and her other prints will be on display for 6 weeks at the Funky Fish Cafe, Bayley’s Beach

Canvas Prints – Panorama Mountain Scene


Jo called in with this photo to print onto canvas. It’s a scene of her son looking at a mountain view in Northern Japan. The photo was a panorama stitching of three photos, joined in-camera. It came out with the black mark in the sky and the right side of the photo slightly out of alignment.

I removed the artifacts, fixed the alignment, then gave it some colour enhancements. This produced a lovely 760 x 230mm mounted canvas, with black border surround.

Canvas Prints for Photographer George Herman, Whakatane

George Herman contacted me about having some quality canvas prints made of some of his photographs. He was tired of seeing low quality standards with other products and thought our prints would meet those requirements.


Queen Charlotte Islands Canada

The above photo is a 1.2m wide canvas panorama print of Queen Charlotte Island in Justlatka, British Columbia, Canada. Below are two waterfalls on the Tawarewa river, New Zealand, measuring 20 x 30 inches.


Photos taken on the Tararewa River

George contacted me after receiving the prints: “Hi Neal. The prints arrived today. They look great. Very nice work. Everyone I have showed the prints to think they are just awesome.

Many Thanks

George doesn’t have website yet, but he can be contacted about canvas purchases at

Canvas Prints & Photo Restoration Whananaki Aerial Photos


I had three photos dating back to the 1960s to be printed onto canvas. They were aerial photos overlooking the Whananaki coast and estuary. The example above was severely cracked all through the photo, also with a large tear on the right.

The photos were scanned restored and printed onto canvas 420mm wide.

Canvas Print – Black & White Montage Omapere

Paula came to see me about having four photos put onto canvas. They were photos taken of where she grew up on the Northland west coast at Omapere.

We disussed what sort of layout would look best, ending up with this simple but effective vertical canvas, with the photos printed in black and white. It measured 620mm x 250mm size and will be going overseas to her cousin as a gift. The photos consist of the Omapare destination, view from their bach, the bach itself and the family ancestral burial ground and home mountain behind.

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Canvas Photo Print of Kiwi

Malcolm Pullman from Aqualine Promotions called in to see me about having these two photos of kiwis being held to be put onto canvas. Malcolm is a freelance photographer, and took these photos of the couple involved with conservation work with kiwis on their farm. It’s a rare privelige to hold a kiwi, making the prints more special.

Malcolm presented the A4 sized canvas prints to the couple.