Is your faded photo beyond help? Maybe not!


This faded photo looked beyond repair...

Jone contacted me about repairing a couple of old photos that had faded away to virtually nothing. He’d been to a shop to see about fixing them- it was beyond their skills so they sent him to me.

With age the photo had lost virtually all its detail and colour. However I was able to bring a resaonable amount of detail to turn it into a black and white photo. Even though it’s still not perfect, Jone was more than happy with the end result.

Restoring Glass Damaged Photo

Pam contacted me about having this damaged photo brought back to original condition. It’s a photo of her old family homestead situated in Whananaki Northland.

The glass pane covering it had partially stuck to it, with the rest of it having broken off and tearing off portions of the photo.

The photo was scanned complete with broken glass attached, all the marks removed and missing pieces filled in. The photo was enlarged and printed off. Pam was extremely happy with the result.

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Restoring Photo – Removal of Red Colour Cast


Ivan called in with this photo taken in the 70s in need of photo restoration. Typical of many photos taken in the 70s and 80s, the image has gotten a progressively worse red colour cast to it. Fortunately, there was enough remaining colour left to bring most of the colour back without spending a lot of labour on it.

Measuring approx 9 x 12cm the image was enlarged to 8 x 12 inch without losing any detail.
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Removing Fungus From Pet Photo

Paula contacted me about the restoration of this photo. It suffered badly from fungal growth over the photo. Luckily the important portion – the dog’s face was largely intact. All the damage was removed, with a dark background used to hide most of the damage. Usually photos this bad are beyond help, but in this case Paula was very happy with the end result.

Fixing the Man’s Clothes


Jill required this photo to be fixed and have all the marks removed. It was a picture of her father taken back in the 50s. Luckily his facial features were fine but his suit and tie were the worse for wear. Instead of trying to spend a lot of time trying to repair the suit I looked thru my archives and found a very tidy  suit and tie. It blended perfectly, the restored photo looking excellent. When Jill saw the photo and the changes I made she said that was the sort of suit and tie her father would definitely like to wear!

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  • Photo Repair: Woman and Horse


    The Leighs saw me about getting this photo repaired. It was a picture taken some thirty years ago of their daughter and her horse. Sadly, the horse had just been put down due to ailing health and being in its 30s. The daughter was very upset over this, so the Leighs thought that giving her this photo would be a great gift. But first all the marks had to be removed!

    The photo was scanned in sections (being 12 x 18inch in size) joined together, then the marks systematically removed. The difficult portion was the facial area around the eye and cheek. The Leighs loved the photo and think their daughter will really appreciate it. Two prints the size of the original were made.

    Photo Restoration of Old Wedding Photo


    Fiona called in to see me about having about 20 photos restored and enhanced. They were photos of her family taken near the turn of the century. This particular photo had suffered from fading as well as damge from glue when someone attempted to tape the two torn pieces back together.

    This required the photo being put back into proper alignment, then rebuilding the areas where the glue had destroyed the photo substrate. Bev was really impressed with this and the other photos fixed for her.