Back from Holidays, Plenty of Work to Do


Business has started for the new year. It was great to have a break after the busy lead up to Christmas, with more canvas prints done than the previous year. It was good to see a good mixture of artists, photographers, and regular shooters using my services – and all the images done looked great!

Here’s an image I took while visiting Whananaki, Northland, after the new year. It was a 20 photo image taken with my Canon 20D and 70-200mm 2.8 Zoom Lense. Why use a telephoto for a wide panorama? It gave me a chance to take far more detail than a wide angle lense allowing to make for big sized prints. This produced an 86 Megapixel equivalent photo after cropping, the bottom image is a zoomed in portion of part of the image – taken about 700-800 metres away.