Restoring Glass Damaged Photo

Pam contacted me about having this damaged photo brought back to original condition. It’s a photo of her old family homestead situated in Whananaki Northland.

The glass pane covering it had partially stuck to it, with the rest of it having broken off and tearing off portions of the photo.

The photo was scanned complete with broken glass attached, all the marks removed and missing pieces filled in. The photo was enlarged and printed off. Pam was extremely happy with the result.

Photo Restoration Webpage

Photo Print Enlargement – Hitachi EX3600-6 Digger & Scania R620 Truck

Eric Hoyle, operations manager for Cable Price NZ Ltd, Whangarei, sent me this photo of this large digger and truck. The digger is a Hitachi EX3600-6, the truck a Scania R620. The digger weighs 369 tonnes empty and makes the truck look like a toy.

This photo was taken by one of Cable Price’s sales rep at the MaCraes Gold Mine north of Dunedin. Eric wanted four large sized prints made (840 x 580mm). The original photo was angled, so I straightened it and filled in any missing pieces on the edges. The photo prints looked stunning.