Photo Print Enlargement – Hitachi EX3600-6 Digger & Scania R620 Truck

Eric Hoyle, operations manager for Cable Price NZ Ltd, Whangarei, sent me this photo of this large digger and truck. The digger is a Hitachi EX3600-6, the truck a Scania R620. The digger weighs 369 tonnes empty and makes the truck look like a toy.

This photo was taken by one of Cable Price’s sales rep at the MaCraes Gold Mine north of Dunedin. Eric wanted four large sized prints made (840 x 580mm). The original photo was angled, so I straightened it and filled in any missing pieces on the edges. The photo prints looked stunning.

Photo Altering – Removing the Bride


It’s not what you think! Not a domestic dispute ending with the bride being removed. Laurel called in about having a photo of her husband in his army uniform on his own. He had passed away 17 years ago, and Laurel was getting his army medals mounted with a picture of him going with the medals.

Laurel wanted a simple photo where her husband was standing with a plain background behind him. I removed the bridal image, filled in the missing parts of the image and added in a simple graduating background. Laurel was extremely happy with the final result.

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