Canvas Prints – Bush Cabin

With Christmas rapidly approaching the orders for canvas prints has rapidly increased, with attention to the blog being left in the background. This print on canvas was done a couple weeks ago. Mike had a couple of 6 x 4 snapshots of his family bush cabin to be put onto canvas. Situated in the Mangamukas of Northland the cabin has been a feature for many years.

The photos were scanned at a high resolution, enhanced, then printed onto canvas with a black border surround. The canvas made a nice 12 x 18inch print.

Comparing The Quality of Canvas Prints

I had a friend talk to me about a canvas she’d bought online and show me how it looked. It was on special at 1/2 price and seemed like a really cheap deal compared to what I was offering.

When I looked at it I was shocked at the poor quality. The canvas fabric itself was thin, there was no coating, with the ink already flaking off and scratches apparent. Where the canvas had been folded around the edges, cracking was evident.

The colour tones were all wrong and the image not very clear even though the original photo was crisp and clear. The frame was ok but looked hastily put together.

A previous customer also had a few comments to say upon comparing a canvas print I’d done with some she’d had made in Auckland: “Hi Neal…print looks awesome! And definitely better quality than the other┬áprinter i’ve used…yours is distinctly sharper & clearer…interesting too that you didn’t have to do anything, and there was that much diff…”

At Photo Enhancements, quality is paramount with the canvas, coating, inks and custom made frames used. It’s a pity more people don’t realise that all prints are not the same. The famous saying from Gucci, “Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten” is certainly true.

Canvas Prints – Megan Bowers Photography


With the emphasis of canvas printing business all about quality, I have professional photographers using my services. One such photographer is Megan Bowers. Megan is a freelance photographer where one her passions is capturing landscape images.

This canvas print is a scene at Bayley’s Beach on the West Coast of Northland, NZ. Megan’s client wanted a large image, choosing this one to be printed to 1000mm x 600mm in size. Megan’s website with more images can be viewed at Megan Bowers Photographer

Giclee Art Reproductions – Artist Anne White

Anne White, marine and bird life artist, contacted me regarding having some artworks of hers printed onto canvas. Not having any experience before with reproductions Anne had trouble getting the quality of prints she wanted, until she was referred to me by another of my artist customers.

I sat down with Anne, showing her what could be done with her images – photographic reproductions, and how they would be printed out. Anne continues the story in her own words:

I am a New Zealand Realist Artist of Marine and Bird Life and I decided I wanted to have my original paintings printed out onto canvas.
Not knowing anything about this at all, I rang around several local graphic artists and printers to ask about method, prices etc. It wasnt as easy as I thought it would be.
I learned that a high quality photo of your work is essential and I also learned that finding a person to print it out who uses very high quality products and materials and knows what he or she is doing is absolutely essential!

I had a couple of trials of prints and I did not feel happy with the results. I knew I wanted the fine detail of my work to stand out, colours to be matched and a high quality of canvas used, so I decided to research some more and I found Neal Martin.

Neal was recommended to me by another artist who told me he produced excellent work. What Neal has produced is exactly what I wanted. The colours are as close as possible to my original painting, the clarity and fine detail stand out and the canvas itself is of very high quality.
Neal also takes the time and care to make sure every piece of work is to the same high standard. Great job Neal!
Anne White.

Contact me for further information if you’d like to know more about Anne’s work.