World War II Navy Photos

HMS Naid 1940 Newcastle on Tyne

HMS Naid anchored in New Castle on Tyne 1940

Near miss on HMS Naid in the Mediterranean Sea

Near miss on HMS Naid, Mediterranean Sea

Hit on After Magazines

Salvo from HMS York hits the after magazines on an Italian Destroyer

Another Job Done

Another Job Done.

Captured Luftwaffe Pilot

Captured Luftwaffe Pilot

Destruction of German wireless station

Destruction of German wireless station, Jan Mayen Island Nov 15, 1940

These are photos taken by George Darvill whom served in the Royal Marines in the British Navy during World War II. His son Eddie with the help of his daughter, contacted me to scan the images. They were scanned at a high resolution so every detail can be seen in each photo.

It just goes to show the sacrifices made during war, so we can live the way we do today.

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