Photo Restoration of Missionary Pioneers

Photo Restoration Missionary Pioneers

Dee came to me with this old print dating from 1923. It was an historic document highlighting the missionary pioneers whom settled in Kataia, New Zealand in the early 19th Century. On the top left hand side is Reverend Joseph Matthews. He was the first white man to arrive in Kaitaia in November 1832. He was its pastor for sixty years.

Top right is William Gilbert Puckey. He was coadjutor of Rev. Joseph Matthews and arrived later in Nov 1832. Centre is Rev. Richard Davis, he arrived in the Bay Of Islands Aug 15, 1824.

Top picture is the historic mission station as it appeared in Kaitaia in 1843. The bottom photo is the old historic church at Kaitaia with the Rev. Joseph Matthews at the altar. The other group photos are the families of Rev. Joseph Matthews and William Puckey.

The print was badly torn and stained. Measuring 40 x 52cm it required multiple scans then joining together. I had to painstakingly remove by hand all the stains and tears. Dee was overjoyed with the final results.

4 thoughts on “Photo Restoration of Missionary Pioneers

  1. Hi I am very interested in gaining permission to use the restored images (full credit provided) of the early missionaries William Gilbert Puckey, Rev. Joseph Matthews, Rev. Richard Davis, the historic mission station as it appeared in Kaitaia in 1843 for abook iamcompleting this week for Penguin called Bible & Treaty – Missionary & Maori. I amhoping you may be able to get permission for use of the images and email me a hi-res scan? I know its short notice but i just spotted this – Keith Newman, writer

  2. Hi, Rev Joesph Matthews is my relative. May I have a clearer copy of this emailed to me? Would be much appreciated.

  3. Cheers Leigh – good to see the family line connection. I’ve sent you an email in reply.


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