Print On Canvas – Marlin Weigh In

Christine was so impressed with the pet lamb reproduction (see previous blog post) she called back a few days later with this photo to be put onto canvas. It’s a picture of her son, Cam, with two Marlin. Nothing special you might think? Not quite. He actually caught the two fish on his own – as in he was fishing on his own, hence no photo of the boat skipper – he was it!

All Christine had to work with was a small 6 x 4 photo, with another image that showed the weigh in blackboards with more clarity. I blended in the two photos, enhance the image and made a 12x18in canvas print.

Fishing information: Weighed at Whangarei deep sea anglers club, Tutukaka, Skipper was Cam, both striped Marlin, weighing from left, 129.4Kg and 106.4 Kg, 24 Kg tackle on the boat Wetta, caught on 24/10/2010. Well done Cam!

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