Canvas Photo Printing: Glass Slide Scans Put onto Canvas

Brent came to see me about making a great 6oth birthday – glass slide scans put onto a mounted canvas. Brent’s father had been to see me about 2 years ago wanting some old glass slides scanned and put onto CD. They were old glass slide adverts used at the Thames cinema back in the 1920’s. Brent’s great grandfather ran a very succesful plumbing business advertising all sorts of supplies – paints, timber, stoves, plumbing fittings and more.

Brent wanted six slides made into a square then printed onto canvas and mounted. We chose the ones he wanted and it which order whereupon I resized them, did the canvas print then mounted it. All done in less than 48 hours as Brent had forgotten and only just remembered!

Brent was over the moon about the final print and now has ideas of having tea-shirts made commemorating the adverts.

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