Giclee Canvas Reproduction – Farm Yard Scene – Cattle & Chickens at Sunset


Bev Taylor called to enquire about having one of his art works printed onto canvas. I told him that I could indeed do it and explained some of the options available- ie just making a giclee canvas reproduction print or having it mounted on a frame as well. Bev liked what he heard so took a one hour drive from Kaiwaka to see me. I showed Bev some of my previous canvas prints and some of the gliclees I had done for other customers.

Bev liked my work so showed me his original painting of this wonderful farm yard scene of cattle and chickens staring at each other. He also had a slide image of the painiting, professionally taken a few years previously. The slide was scanned while Bev was here. We colour corrected the image on the screen until we had it looking as similar as possible to the original. I suggested to Bev I make a small canvas print proof with coating to make sure he liked the final result. I mailed the proof to Bev a few days later, with Bev calling me to say he liked it and go ahead with the final print.

The canvas was printed to be mounted onto a 710mm x 610mm frame. The final image will have a picture frame mounted around it to produce this stunning farm yard scene. Bev picked up the giclee today loving what he saw and has now left another 4 images to be prepared for printing. This image reproduction is for further sale. You can contact me or call Bev Taylor on 09 431 2031

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