Just arrived – new negative and slide scanner


I just received my new Nikon 9000 ED negative and slide scanner. It can scan 35mm negative, slide and medium format film. My old scanner could only do a reasonable copy of negatives and slides but wasn’t up to doing quality scans.

Having spent a lot of time reading reviews and information on scanners the Nikon 9000 stood out as a great scanner for doing most formats and at a reasonable budget. While film is in decline compared to digital there are photographers whom still shoot with film and there is 150 years worth of film still requiring copying/archiving. Now I won’t be needing to turn away customers with enquiries about film scanning. Preliminary scans show excellent reproduction. I’ll be putting it through its’ paces before adding negative and slide scanning services onto my website.


Anyone with any questions regarding scanning options and costs, feel free to ask them here or please go to my main website for further contact details – Neal.

Updated: The scanner does great output but is not a bulk scanning device, each scan requiring attention to detail and manual input.

Pricing varies from $1.00 (2000dpi) to $2/slide (4000dpi, 19 Megapixel Equivalent) depending on detail of each scan. However, if you’re looking for nice images the Nikon is perfect for the job.

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69 thoughts on “Just arrived – new negative and slide scanner

  1. Hi
    Where are you located please? I have 360 slides that I’d like converted. Could you give me some indication of cost please. Thanks.

  2. Hi there – I was looking to get some slides converted to digital images. are you still doing this and how much would it cost? I have approx 100 slides to convert. also what resolution can you convert them to?



  3. I’ve sent an email regarding your enquiry. Also, the scanner can do up to 4000dpi, so large prints are easily achievable – it just depends on how good the original image was!

  4. Hi there, i’d love to know your price for scanning approx 300 slides. Thanks heaps.

    – Dave

  5. Hi Dave

    Thanks for the question. I’ve sent you an email in reply. For everyone else – It’s actually hard coming up with a reasonable price – taking into account the volume of slides, resolution and time taken to scan the images. Just thinking how to do the web page(s) and come up with something economical but producing excellent quality.


  6. Hi Robert

    Thanks for the enquiry, I’ve emailed you a reply on what you can do


  7. Hi there Neal,
    I have some 70 Rolliflex 120 neagatives I’d like scanned. Could you please give me a price for that?
    Thanks a lot,

  8. Hi Mark

    Thanks for the enquiry. I have sent you an email in response. To everyone: I have just purchased a slide/negative glass holder to scan 120 images. I found the holder that came with the scanner was not good enough. These holders are really rare, I bought the last one in NZ and around the world they are really rare. All in the quest for getting a good image!

  9. Hi
    I need approx 70 slides scanned to jpeg or tiff that would print approx A5 size (so about 300ppi for printing I guess). Can you give me an approx idea of cost if you still do this. Many thanks

  10. Hi Carl

    Thanks for the enquiry. I’ve emailed you a response to your question.


  11. Hi Neal. I’m interested in having 61 slides scanned please. I would like them in Tiff format preferrably. Please advise if possible and how much. Thank you – Steph.

  12. Hi Neal

    I have an estimated 500 slieds I’d like converted to digital images – preferably jpegs, resolution minimum 1200 dpi.

    Can you please advise a quote for this.
    Thanks and regards

  13. Hi there,
    Can you give an indication of cost to transfer 300ish photos from negative to digital format?

  14. Hi there
    can you please give me a price on scanning 100 slides, and on scanning 500 slides?

    many thanks

  15. Hi, Neal,
    Please contact me with prices for scanning slides, approx 200.


  16. Hi,

    I would lie appoximately 50 slides scanned to digital. Please advise price and address for slide drop-off.



  17. Hello

    I have a large number of slides I’d like converted to digital – around 500 slides I estimate. Could you please give me an indication of cost. Many thanks.


  18. I would like about 200 slides convert to a memory stick. Is that possible and what is the price and time it would take.
    Many thanks

  19. I have a large number of slides I need converted to jpeg format – between 500 and 1000 depending on cost. In addition I also have a considerable number of black and white and colour negatives I would like scanned. Are you able to send me a quote for this work please, and also your location? Thanks

  20. I’ve got a LOT of film to scan.. I have a trunk full… I have so much It’ll probabl be worth it to buy my own camera. I would have to cheack how many I have but.. How much is it anyway?

  21. Hi. I have enjoyed seeing your U21 hockey shots – my son was the Midlands goalie. I digress – could you pls provide a quote for approx 800 slides and a large heap of negavites


  22. Hi,

    Could you please contact me with a price for scanning approximately 300 slides. Where are you located for courier delivery?

    Many thanks,

  23. Hi, I would like a price to convert 300 slides, does it make any difference what type of file they are converted to? I am wanting to make a slideshow dvd from the converted files so any advice would be appreciated.

  24. I have about 300 (slides and negatives) to have converted I am on Northshore.

    please let me know what your costs are etc.

  25. Hi
    Are you still copying Slide to digital format. If so can you advise price.


  26. Hi

    Are you still in the business of scanning slides to digital format on a dvd?

    I have approx 500 slides (depending on cost) that I want to have scanned – slides are a mixture of 35mm and the old 110 pocket instamatic camera. Can you do both?

    All slides loaded into projector trays if that helps?

    Where are you located?


  27. Can you email a price for about 450 negatives scanned at 600 or 1200dpi

    THe neg’s are in strips but I require only selected images to be scanned


  28. Hi Graham,

    I have about 100 slides to covert to digital, either disc or memory stick, would you please quote for this job, thanks

  29. Hi
    I have about 70 negatives in 6 x 9 cm size that I would like to get put onto disk
    How much would this cost
    Regards Peter

  30. I have about 1500 slides to covert to digital, either DVD or memory stick. Would you please let me know approximately how much this would cost. thanks

  31. Hi Neal I have 150-200 slides mainly cardboard and some plastic surround, could you give me a price for scanning onto disc as jpegs. Do you have differing price levels dependant on resolution and what resolution can you offer,
    Many thanks,
    Sarah Stonier

  32. Hi Sarah

    Thanks for the enquiry. I’ve sent you an email with pricing options. The scanner is capable of scanning up to 4000 pixels per inch, equivalent to a 19 Megapixel image.


  33. Hello Neal,
    my father’s 60th birthday party is this weekend. I have just remembered I have a lot of amazing slides in a box in the cupboard that would be great to include in the digital slideshow my brother is organising.
    Do you know anywhere in Hastings or Napier that could help me with this immediately? I don’t know where to start.
    Cheers, Kristy.

  34. Hi Neal,

    I have a large amount of negatives that I would like to have scanned. Can you give me a price for having 100/500/1000 negatives scanned to DVD? Does the price vary with resolution?


  35. Hi Tony

    A reply has been sent with pricing. Cost does vary with resolution as extra time is taken to scan each image. It is quite a labour intensive process, but the results are excellent.


  36. Hi. I have 150-200 slides, could you give me a price for scanning onto disc please. Thank-you
    Phil Williams

  37. Hi Neal

    Can you please send thru a price list for scanning 110 film, not sure how many I have but think it will bein the 100’s.
    Thank you

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