Altering Photo – Removing Woman and Skis.

Altering and restoring photo

Ann saw me about having this photo restored and altered. It had started to suffer from silvering around the edges and was looking a bit tattered. The picture is of her father’s speed boat, used back in the 60s by his family. Ann wanted just a picure of the boat, so asked me to remove the lady and the water skis. The silvering was fixed, the woman/skis removed, background added in place, and the photo turned back to black and white.

Canvas Print Panorama Kauri Mountain Northland New Zealand


Another interesting canvas print added to the canvas prints category this week. Among the canvas prints I’ve been making, this was a little more difficult to do. Bob came to see me about having two photos joined together and printed onto canvas. They were images taken looking from Kauri Mountain, Whangarei, Northland looking out to sea. Bob lives up in the hill where the photo was taken and liked a permanent reminder of the location.

The photos themselves were stained and marked and needed a bit of restoration work. Once the marks were removed the photos were joined together. The more difficult part was removing the outer shadows on each image, resulting from the type of camera used. These were reduced to produce an overall pleasing inage. A black border was used for the sides to preserve the whole image. A photo print was also made along with the canvas one. Bob says they’ll look good hanging in his office and now says he’ll need to find some more images to print.

Enhancement of marlin photo


Brent called in to see me about having a photo enhanced. His mate Wayne had caught his first Marlin back on the 15th of February off the Tutukaka coast. Brent wanted a few basic tweaks done to the photo to make it look better. I got rid of the red-eye in Wayne’s eyes, lightened up his skin tones and brightened up the image. Brent got a 6 x 8 print done to have framed. For the record it weighed 118.2 Kg, caught off the launch “GPS”.

Brent called in a few days with some smoked marlin as a thank you for the work done. Mate, that fish tasted bewdy!

Photo Altering with Canvas Prints


With all the canvas prints being done at the moment, this was an especially nice one to do (all the other ones were nice too!). Lee had these two photos of her nieces she had taken. She liked the one where the two girls were hugging closely to each other.

Unfortunately she’d cut off the bottom of their bodies. So with a bit of photo alteration magic I created this canvas print of the two images combined in the bottom photo. One of the hardest parts was fixing the missing parts of the little girl’s chin – everything must look like an original photo. Lee wanted me to remove the black bag in the background just keeping the greenery.

As there was limited room at the bottom of the image, Lee was happy to have the bottom of the canvas print wrap left plain white. She was thrilled with the final result.

Canvas Print Indian Woman


This must be one of the more unique canvas prints I’ve done in a while. Wendy came to me with a 6 x 4 snapshot of this Indian woman looking to have it printed onto canvas. It was taken in 1990 in India. Wendy liked the colours of the image and said it would blend perfectly with the decor of her home.

As it was, the photo would have lost too much of the woman when printed onto and canvas then mounted. So I extended the bottom and sides to retain most of the image. This was printed to fit an A2 size frame. The image came out perfect. Wendy and her husband were so pleased, they even called me when they’d got home, saying how well it looked hanging on the wall.

Canvas Print of Mount Manaia, Northland New Zealand


Chris came to see me about having this Mount Manaia photo put onto canvas. Mount Manaia is located at Whangarei Heads, Northland New Zealand. This photo was taken after a particulary stormy period. The photo was already cropped quite thin, so I needed more image for the wrap around portions of the canvas. Where the white lines are, I addeed in the sky and surrounds to still maintain a natural look. Chris was absolutely thrilled with the end print. The canvas print measured 24 x 6 inches.

Scanning Negative of Motor-home Photo


Chris came to me with a recently taken photo of a motor-home he had just sold. He wanted a photo print to remember when having owned it. Chris had the photo on a negative, wanting to know what I could do. I showed him my new Nikon 9000 slide negative scanner, warmed it up and scanned the photo.

It produced a very nice image producing great detail. Chris also wanted me to remove the for sale sign in one of the windows and clean up the rear of the vehicle. 3 prints were made, looking very nice at 35cm wide.

So far I’ve been very impressed with the quality the scanner produces. Still working my way through getting to grips with it, hence the time taken to put the info on my general website. I’m happy to answer an queries in the meantime.

Altering Photos for Website


Andrew from Anglers Anonymous wanted to make his front webpage look more professional. Andrew runs a successful trout fish guiding business in Turangi, New Zealand, and wanted his website to reflect this. Andrew sent me some photos to work with, indicating what he’d like done. The top photo was reversed, with the colours and contrast enhanced to reflect more closely what the rivers normally look like for a good day’s fishing. I then extracted Andrew’s photo from its background and placed it in the stream background. Conferring with Andrew, we optimized it to what you see at the bottom. Andrew’s website can be found at

  • Anglers Anonymous
  • Photo Altering Removing Man


    Jean sent me this photo alteration job where the man needed to be removed from the image. The man was taken out, the background filled in. The woman’s skin had faded so I added some more colouring to it. The trickiest part was getting the hair shape right where the man had been against it. I had Jean look at a preview to make sure the hair looked correct. Once approved by Jean the photo was printed.