Slide Scans Maungakaramea 100 years Centenial Celebrations

Bethely brought me these slides to have scanned and printed. Bethely is a regular customer and has been working on a project for the 150 year centenial celebrations of the settling of the Maungakaramea area.
The slides are images taken 50 years ago of the 100 years celebration. Bethely had 20 Kodachrome slides to scan and have photo print copies made.
As alway, the Nikon 9000 produced nice sharp images of each slide.

Glass plate negative scan


Ken came to see me about getting some photos from some old glass negatives he had. Ken had obtained 7 glass negatives from an old landfill back in the 60s when he was a child. He said there was a heap of old glass plates just thrown away so he thought it’d be good to have some. It turned out they were images of the Te Aroha spa taken in 1909.


The above images show the spa complex, now the Te Aroha Museum present day. These are just the raw images, Ken wanted them in their original form. Measuring over 15 x 11 cm in size they were too large form my Nikon 9000, but my trusty Microtek scanner was able to handle the job.

Ken had copies printed off, and he’ll be travelling to Te Aroha to present the museum with the glass slides. This is the second time I’ve had aomeone rescue old glass negatives from being thrown out. Obviously they were of no use to the photographer – probably taking up too much room and no real likelihood of being used again. But decades later these slides are very precious and definitely worth hanging onto.

35mm and 120 Negative Scanning

Ruth came to see me about scanning a 35mm and 120 negative that were particulary important to her. With the new Nikon 9000 negative scanner being put through the trialling stage, I was happy to show Ruth what I could do.
The first image taken on 35mm shows Ruth and her husband’s Land Rover with Mount Ararat, Turkey, back in 1970.

The second image is a 120 negative. It shows Ruth’s husband on the left when around 12 years old, and his father. They had bought an old market garden, with ruins in the background, near Blairesk Hall, Edinburgh, Scotland. The top photo was enlarged to an 8 x 12 and the bottom 12 x 16, both producing nice clear images.

Scanning Negative of Motor-home Photo


Chris came to me with a recently taken photo of a motor-home he had just sold. He wanted a photo print to remember when having owned it. Chris had the photo on a negative, wanting to know what I could do. I showed him my new Nikon 9000 slide negative scanner, warmed it up and scanned the photo.

It produced a very nice image producing great detail. Chris also wanted me to remove the for sale sign in one of the windows and clean up the rear of the vehicle. 3 prints were made, looking very nice at 35cm wide.

So far I’ve been very impressed with the quality the scanner produces. Still working my way through getting to grips with it, hence the time taken to put the info on my general website. I’m happy to answer an queries in the meantime.

Slide scanner update, slowly but surely…


Just making an update regarding the purchase of my new Nikon 9000 slide and negative scanner. I have been making progress! It’s just been taking longer to get everything up and running as I’ve been busy working on some large restoration and canvas projects. Needless to say I have been slowly scanning a lot of Kodachrome slides provided by my parents to trial on. These date back to the late 60s early 70s and are ideal to work on as they have a lot of difficult slides to work on.

Included are underexposed slides which are notorious to copy. This is where the trial process is helping – what settings to make, what I need to do manually and what can be done automatically. Also times taken to scan the slides with regard to initial settings and resolution. Once I’m totally confident of the process I’ll start offering it on the website. But anyone with enquiries please don’t hesitate to contact me now.

Here’s an early scan I took. It’s a Kodachome of an old truck my father and his brother owned. They accidently backed it into a drain on my dad’s farm and got it stuck. This shows the truck and a closeup of a portion showing the detail the scanner can extract. Naturally the detail is limited by how good the original camera and photographer were!

Just arrived – new negative and slide scanner


I just received my new Nikon 9000 ED negative and slide scanner. It can scan 35mm negative, slide and medium format film. My old scanner could only do a reasonable copy of negatives and slides but wasn’t up to doing quality scans.

Having spent a lot of time reading reviews and information on scanners the Nikon 9000 stood out as a great scanner for doing most formats and at a reasonable budget. While film is in decline compared to digital there are photographers whom still shoot with film and there is 150 years worth of film still requiring copying/archiving. Now I won’t be needing to turn away customers with enquiries about film scanning. Preliminary scans show excellent reproduction. I’ll be putting it through its’ paces before adding negative and slide scanning services onto my website.


Anyone with any questions regarding scanning options and costs, feel free to ask them here or please go to my main website for further contact details – Neal.

Updated: The scanner does great output but is not a bulk scanning device, each scan requiring attention to detail and manual input.

Pricing varies from $1.00 (2000dpi) to $2/slide (4000dpi, 19 Megapixel Equivalent) depending on detail of each scan. However, if you’re looking for nice images the Nikon is perfect for the job.

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