Canvas Printing and Mounting Process

The making of your canvas goes through a many-stepped process to produce a great finished image.

Printing Your Canvas

Canvas prints coming from the printer

After your image has been processed on the computer, it's sent to the printer for printing. Here the canvas prints are nearly finished, awaiting trimming off the roll. All prints are done on Breathing Color's Lyve canvas, a wonderful high quality product.

Coating Your Canvas


Your canvas is coated using Breathing Color's Glamour II sealant . Roll brushing it on, this not only protects your canvas from sunlight & atmospheric conditions, but enhances the colours of the photo, breathing life into your image.

Preparing the Frame

poplar timber for canvas frame

Your canvas print is supported by a hand made Cedar timber wood frame. Cedar is a strong yet light wood. This is perfect for making frames to mount your canvas onto. Every frame can be individually made to your requirements as the frame is cut to suit on the premises.

poplar timber for canvas frame 40mm deep x 26mm thick, the Cedar frame is covered by a 3mm MDF board. This provides extra strength for the frame, and provides protection to the canvas in the event of an accident. Each board is hand sanded around the edges of the MDF to provide a smooth clean finish for the canvas.
All canvas photo prints can be mounted to frames, locally and individually hand made
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