Mounting Your Canvas

canvas print ready for mounting The canvas is now ready for mounting. Light pencil lines are made on the back of the canvas print to show where exact placement of the canvas will appear on the frame.

Holbein stretching pliers is a great tools for stretching the canvas When the canvas and board are edge glued, stretching pliers are used to put tension into the canvas. We use high quality Holbein canvas pliers. Made from molybednum with rubberized handle grips they can stretch the canvas without causing any harm in the process.

Being such a high quality canvas, it won't leave any cracks along the edges when tension is applied.

Final Preparations of Canvas

edge trimming of mounted canvas Once the canvas has been mounted, all excess canvas is carefully trimmed away. This leaves a nice clean edge to the back and sides. All that is left to do is colour in the slight lines of whiteness appearing in the canvas joins on the corners.
canvas print edge trimmed

Canvas Print corners painted in The corner edges are hand painted with acrylic art paint, matching as closely as possible to the colour of the canvas. Painting the corners stops any distraction a white line may leave when viewing the image and gives a nice seamless appearance.
Canvas Print corners painted in Once dry, the paint is coated with more Glamour II for extra protection.

Canvas Print corners painted in A strong hanging cord is attached to the rear of the canvas and is ready to be hung for your viewing pleasure

Canvas print and mounting process - done!